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Hot, Horny Housemaid

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My parents were both busy professionals, so they regulary hired maids to clean our house. The new one they hired was an immigrant from Mexico. She spoke fairly good English and was sexy as hell. She was only 20 and had no place to stay, so she lived in our poolhouse!
Well, to tell the story, when I would come home from school, she was usually finishing cleaning the house. She was hot as hell and I would always jerk off to the though of her. Well, one day, she had finished early and was sunning herself topless alongside the pool. She didn't see me come in, but I saw her. God, she had the nicest set of tits I have ever seen. I quickly went to my room and started jerking off. Apparently, she knew I would be coming home soon, so she came back inside and came upstairs to change. As she walked past my door, she saw me thrashing myself away. I was so embarrassed that I froze, my dick still in my hand. She cooely smiled and walked into my room, assuring me I was doing nothing wrong. With that, she crawled on my bed and started to suck my cock. It was the most intense feeling I have ever had. It didn't take me long to cum in her mouth, but she drank it all with no problem. She told me to eat her out and told me how to do it. I started to lick her clit and she started to get moist. As I continue to lick her pussy, she started moaning real loud. My dick was getting real hard from listening to her, and she saw this. In a instant, she got up, threw me back on the bed and started to mount me. She rode me like a young phillie, and it was so good to feel my didk in such a warm, moist pussy. After about three minutes, I came again. She licked me clean and left to go change. After that, we had sex at least three times a week. And now she cleans my house!

Hot, Horny Housemaid

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