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Where it happened = At the lake
Language = English
Refnum = 37810
My first time was just last night.

I went to this party at the lake and got kinda drunk. After a while I started making out with this guy because he was real hot. Anyway he kept pouring the beer into me and thing kept getting hotter until we were the s left. Then he says do you want to F? I said sure and we went inside and took our clothes off and made out for a while longer. Then he spread my legs and got on top of me and stuck his cock in me and started humping me. It hurt at first but I was so drunk I didn't feel much of anything. I just laid there and watched him do me. Finaly he made a grunting noise and colapsed on me I guess he came. Then he just rolled over and went to sleep almost right away. I put on my clothes and staggered back home and passed out on my bed.


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