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Sex = MALE
Where it happened = her house
Language = English
Refnum = 37729
My gurlfriend really suprized me but it made me real happy. We were at her house playing her older brothers playstation when she put her arm around me and said she wanted to play something else. What I said and she pushed me on the floor and got on top of me and kissed me. That was cool and she put her tung in my mouth. So I squezed her body and she said she had talked to her friend Julie who had sex with her boyfriend and now she wanted it too. Well I'm a normal guy who also wants sex but I never expected it to come so soon. I said now and she said yeah so she took off her shirt and I took off mine and she wanted me to suck her tits which I did. Then she gave me a condom so we both got naked and I put it on and the next thing I knew I was fucking her. It didnt last too long but it sure felt good when my cum squirted. She smiled and said it was fun so we kissed again then we got dressed and that was it, our first time.


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