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Super sex teacher

Sex = Male
Where it happened = In my bedroom
Language = English
Refnum = 3775
My biology tutor was over at my house tutoring me. She was
18. IT was our first lesson. I had a quiz the next day, so
she quizzed me on some material. Every time I got an answer
right I got to take off one of her pieces of clothes. Every
time I was wrong, she got to take off mine. Finally, we were
both naked and I was so horny. She saw my stiff dick and went
to the reproductive system material. She put my finger in her
clit, in her pussy, and she started grabbing my cock. Then
she said the final lesson of the day was to show me what
happens when two people have intercourse. So she fucked me
hard...she sucked my dick...told me to eat her pussy...we
fucked anal...everything! She's the best tutor I ever had!
We have a tutoring lessen every week and we always end up
having wild sex for 2 hours!

Super sex teacher

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