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painful pleasuer

Where it happened = At his place
Language = English
Refnum = 36829
ok well
We have been seein eachother for 2 months and i am kinda
girl who was saving it for marriage but i would not say
that it just happened cuz i had it in my mind we talked
about and we had done other shit so what the hell with
actully having we were comin back from a long drive he
starts the subject and he is like "so we r gona do it
tonight right i am gona pop u open" and i started smilin
cuz that was what on my mind too.i was very nervous so was
he cuz he was like "i never had a virgin before".anyways we
went to his place.and we started kissin and u know he took
my clothes of and than he is like "this is where u open ur
legs" cuz i was sittin there like an ass (since i had no
experiance)when he took his clothes off damn that shit was
big but he it was fine as hell that was when i really got
scared i even said "maybe
some other time" but he was hard and was not about to let
me go so i opened my legs oh my fuckin god it hurt so bad
it was like he was makin a hole that wasn't even there hole.
well it hurted so bad that i had to stop him now we r sittin
in the middle of bedroom him w/ his condom on hard as hell me
sittin kind of cryin he was pist he was like u r makin noises
like i am rappin u or something.than he went at it again that
time nice and slowly and that was when he gave me the pleasuer
of life time i would never forget it not cuz it was my first
cuz it was the best feeling ever.but in the end i have to
say it hurts more than anything i have ever felt but it
feels like u r in do it if u can take the pain.

painful pleasuer

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