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Chris Perkins

Sex = MALE
Where it happened = My Toilet
Language = English
Refnum = 36081
My first time having sex was with a girl named Kayla Anselmi. She was at my house for a day while my parents were out of town i knew i was going to tap her but i didn't know when. about 4 o'clock i was on the shitter cuz i had had to much applesauce. the diarhea was flowing , and kayla walked in butt naked and wanted to fuck me. it stunk like the foulest shit on earth in that room but still she started to ride my .5 inch pecker. after 3 pumps i came allover but the cum wasn't actually cum it was piss cuz i haven't hit puberty yet. kayla was really disappointed when my pecker went limp and she hadn't even cum, and there was no way to get me hard again cuz i have the endurance of a old.

Chris Perkins

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