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tiny cock

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It was a snowy night in Winnipeg, my buddy and I had just gotten done with our hockey practice and he decided to spend the night at my house rather than drive an hour back to his house in the blizzard. It was a Friday night, and we had nothing to do so we decided to sneak into my parents liquor cabinet. We mixed a few drinks, had a few laughs and decided to go to bed. We folded out the hide-a-bed from the couch and laid down 2 separate blankets. Whenever Dave spent the night we always slept in that bed, it was huge. We had both just and were both virgins. Dave was short, real short, like 5’3. He was skinny and had the looks of a 12-year-old. I wasn’t much taller, nor much heavier, and I too look very young. We went to the basement to crash when I announced to him that I had just stolen a porno from my buddy’s house the night before. I asked him if he wanted to watch and he agreed. I put the tape in at the foot of the bed and we began to watch. Being a jock, and being a high school freshman, I was deathly afraid to ask him to do anything with me. We put in the porno and began to watch. We watched for an hour and we slowly became quietly aware of each other rubbing ourselves. Finally Dave asked, “are you hard?” “No.” I replied, being afraid to appear like less than a man. “What are you gay?” He asked. “What?! Hell no, it just takes more than a video to do it for me.” In reality I was as hard as a rock. “If you don’t have a hard when you’re watching this movie then you have to be a fag or something.” I thought about it for a . “I’m hard.... Kinda” I responded. “No you’re not.” Said Dave. “I’m hard, but you aren't cause you’re a fag.” This was a real insult to me. “Trust me dude, I’m hard.” “Prove it.” No choice now. I had to show Dave my hard on or else I would be called a queer. I pulled out my tiny cock (about 3 1/2 inches). “All right” said Dave. “Let me see yours then” I said turning towards him. Dave pulled out his cock. I was relieved to see that I was bigger. He was maybe 3 inches at best. “Not bad” I commented. Dave then reached over and felt the tip of my dick. “I’m more hard than you” He commented. His cock still exposed I reached over and felt his. We laid there in silence, both of us afraid to make the next move with the threat of being labeled a fag. Finally Dave started jacking off. He went real slowly. This went on for a few minutes until finally he started playing footsy with me. I took this as a hint. I took out my dick and began playing with it. “If you suck mine I’ll suck yours” he whispered. “What?” I asked. “Nothing!” He snorted back beginning to cover himself up. I could tell he was worried that I might say something to the team. “You promise you’ll suck mine too?” I asked. His eyes got big, “Yeah!” Maybe it was the booze, but that was all it took. I went down on him and started sucking like the girls on the video. Dave moaned loudly. I slapped my right hand over his mouth so he wouldn’t wake up my parents and shoved my left hand into his crack. He started trusting back and forth. “Don’t come in my mouth” I muffled with his tiny cock in my throat. I figured it would take a few minutes, but it only took about twenty s. I felt him let loose in my mouth, but little came out. I figured he must have masturbated once already that day. Then Dave went down on me. My god it was heaven. I let out half of a moan before Dave’s hand slapped across my mouth. It took less than a minute. I came like a river. Dave then grabbed me by my armpits (he was real thin and wiry, strong for a little guy) and shoved me back a foot and a half on the bed. He jumped on my chest and we had the most lustful kiss known to man. “Wanna try anal?” I asked as we collapsed together in a heap panting like dogs. “OK” he said getting up on all fours on the bed. I spit on my finger and slowly pushed in. Then I tried my cock. “NO!” He shrieked and jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Later I learned that it made him shit real quickly. “It hurts too much, we can’t.” He said coming out of the bathroom. By then we were both hard again so we went three more rounds of blowjobs. It became a common thing after that night; Dave slept over damn near every weekend. I gotta tell ya, writing this story has taken me an hour because I keep having to jack off just thinking about it. I’m not gay, but I would have sex with him again if I knew where he was today.

tiny cock

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