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Don't Tell Mom

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My mom hated her, and if she knew what she did to me she'd kill her! But hey, I'm not complaining. Sorry Mom! Anyway, she moved in next door, dressed trashy, looked like a slut but thought she was as sexy as hell. She was washing her car in her bikini and everybody driving by was honking. Luckily Mom wasn't home. I went over to offer to help. Soon we got in a water fight that was so fun. My clothes were wet so I stripped down to just my shorts and she hosed me down good. I couldn't help it but my dick was growing big looking at her. She saw it, took my hand and led me inside her house. She said "I never pass up a hard dick!" and took off her top. We never made it to her bedroom - she pulled off my shorts in her living room and we got right on the floor. She pinned me on the floor, ripped off her thong and immediately began to ride me. My dick was all the way up her and she let me grab her tits while she fucked the shit out of me! I didn't take me long to cum but she said "hey I'm glad I got a toy to play with in my neighborhood." Like I said, Mom doesn't know, but her "little boy" sure loves to fuck!!!

Don't Tell Mom

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