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Ann's hairy pussy!!

Sex = MALE
Where it happened = On the blanket by my car
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I was about 17 1/2 years old and Ann was a few months younger than me. Her brother was a member of my rock band, so she hung out with us sometimes at practices. We all thought of her as kind of a "prick teaser". She was "okay" looking, but had a really sexy figure to make up for what she didn't have in facial beauty. I guess her best feature was her tits. Well... maybe it was her nice ass! Or her legs!! Anyway, her tits were fairly large and somewhat pointed. Maybe about a 34C size. I always thought I'd like to get my hands on them and give them a good feeling up.

My chance came the summer after HS graduation. One night I drove her brother home after practice. He and I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and were sitting at the table when Ann came downstairs from her bedroom. My dick started getting pretty firm when I saw what she was wearing. I was having a "hard" time hiding it under my loose-fitting shorts. She had on some "shorty" pajama bottoms and a sleeveless sweatshirt with oversize armholes that didn't do much to hide her tits. We sat and talked for a while, but soon her brother went on upstairs to bed. That left Ann and myself alone in the kitchen. I was hoping she hadn't seen the "tent" in the front of my shorts. She asked me to come with her into the living room where it was dark. I sat down on the bench to their organ and pretended to play. She then sat down on my lap, which gave me a great chance to grab those tits! She knew exactly what she was doing, and offered NO resistance when my hands went up under her sweatshirt. Now THOSE were some nice firm TITS!! And so POINTY!! WOW!! I was in heaven!!

I played with her tits for several minutes before getting up the nerve to put my hands inside her panties. She had a really nice thick bush of pussy hair! I had never felt inside a girl's pussy before, so I was surprised at how wet and "slick" it felt when I put a finger in. Then she asked me if I had a rubber and I said that I had one in my car. After a few more minutes of making out she told me she wanted to go for a ride. We drove straight out to a secluded country road and started making out again as soon as the car stopped. There wasn't much room in the car, so I told her I had a blanket in the trunk that we could put on the grass. She said that sounded better. Once the blanket was spread out on the grass, she slipped off her pajama bottoms and her sweatshirt and laid down. I about fainted at the sight of her thick pussy hair! Her pointy tits were sticking up nicely too!! I was soooo turned on that my dick was almost brittle! I thought I was going to shoot my load before I got started! I got a rubber and some Vaseline out of the car, and she watched me slip it on. She said she had never seen an older guy's hard dick before. She had just seen her younger brother's dick when it was hard, and said mine was about three inches longer and twice as thick!!

I put a few gobs of Vaseline on the rubber and I was ready. Boy was I ready!! I started out at the wrong angle when I tried to push my dick inside her. She said the angle was too steep, so she put her hand between her legs and guided me in. I had never felt a girl's hand on my dick before. Wow again! I was getting some pussy tonight!! It took a couple of firm pushes to get it started in. Then it just kind of popped in like it was supposed to. I tried to hold back a little bit so I wouldn't ejaculate too fast. I pushed it in as far as it would go each time. It felt sooo good in her warm pussy!! I felt my balls bumping against her bottom with every stroke. I kept pumping in and out, trying not to cum too quick, but it was no use. All at once I felt my dick getting bigger and harder, and my balls were starting to tingle like never before!! I made about three more pumps before my eyes crossed and I stuck it in half way to her tonsils!! I was cumming harder than I ever had before!! I thought I was going to pass out!! A couple of minutes after I blew my load I pulled out of her pussy and laid down next to her. Then it happened. I reached down to take off the rubber and discovered that it was broken at the end! I had just FILLED her pussy with sperm!! Nobody had ever told me that rubbers and Vaseline don't go together!

Well, she didn't get pregnant so we were lucky. She was a very hot little fuck all that summer.....and for a couple of summers after that until she got married.

She and her husband live close to me now. They moved here s ago, so Ann and I have been getting together once in a while again. She says she is addicted to my dick! She likes it better than her husband's because it's longer, thicker and has a much larger purple head. Even though we are older now we still fuck like teenagers when we meet. She still has that wonderful sexy body with a very hairy pussy and very firm pointy tits!! I think we've fucked at least 80 times in the last s!!

Ann's hairy pussy!!

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