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backseat fun

Sex = MALE
Where it happened = backseat in my car
Language = English
Refnum = 33680
There was this one day when i was with my g/f. we were in my car and we decided we wanted to have some fun. we drove up behind our high school. we got in my backseat. we started makin out, i pulled her shirt off to see her beatiful 40d tits. i sucked til i couldn't suck anymore. i got totally undressed. she had on a mini skirt so that wasnt a big problem. i reached up under and pulled her see-thru panties off. by this time i had a hardon out of this world. she dove down like a hawk after a mouse, she took all my 8 inch cock in her mouth. i could feel it going down her throat. this didn't go on very long til i busted a nut. she swallowed every last drop i had in my body. she got in my pocket of my pants and got a condom out i had in my wallet. she placed it on my dick. she hiked up her skirt and slowly sat down on my lap. she began to cry but after a couple pumps, she started moaning and loving it. this went on for about 2 hours. we went thru 7 condoms. i had the time of my life that day. and every chance we get we go up behind our high school and have fun. i love ya babe!

backseat fun

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