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Where it happened = school
Language = English
Refnum = 33628
WEll, one day Morpheous and I were talking on the phone and, it was getting kinda racy. I ws all wet and horny. So the next day i found him, and I brought him to the bathroom, and I pulled down his pants and I started giving him a blowjob, then the kissed me. Then he undid my pants, and he went down on me. GOD, he was soo good. Then, he was like, "do you want to go all the way?" of course I said, yes. It was good, he gently put it in, the forced his way threw. We gently fucked for about five minuntes., untill we both climaxed. Then I had to go. I was sore but we kissed and he and I parted. I still see, him sometimes, but it's never as good as it wasd the first day.


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