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Every time it rains I get horny

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I guess that sounds like a song title, but it's a fact. Every time it rains I get to feeling like I want a man to hug me and fondle me and do you-know-what with me.
This is because when I had my first time it was raining, probably.
I and a freshman in high school and we had this new teacher, Mr. Londos, that I got a crush on right away, altho he was not one of my teachers, I just saw him in the lunch room and around the school. I told my friend Jeri that he was the man I was going to give my virginity to. Yes, I had already started thinking about losing my cherry, and who I wanted to lose it to.
Well, Jeri didn't take me seriously and I guess I wasn't real serious, but a few days later I got home from school and there in our mail was a letter for Mr. Londos which had somehow gotten mixed in with ours. It was from Internal Revenue and I thought it must be important, so I put on my jacket and got on my bike and rode over to his house, which blocks away.
While I was riding it started raining and by the time I got to his house it was really pouring and when he came to the door I was dripping wet. He said my goodness, I should come in and get dry and I gave him the letter from Internal ARevenue and he thanked me.
Then he had me sit by his fireplace where he had a nice little fire going and he had me take my jacket off and I sat there shivvering and he said oh my dear, we must get yhou warm and he sat down beside me and put his arms around me and started rubbing me and mostly he was rubbing my back and it felt so good that I pushed his arm around where he was rubbing my front and then my chest and then down between my legs and I started getting wet down there and then I said, well look, I was pretty bold for s old, I said these clothes are wet too, let's get them off, and I took off my shirt and my skirt and I said now rub me and he did and then, well, I didn't have to encourage him any more, he got the idea and he got some big pillows and laid them down by the fire and took my bra and panties off and then really went to work on me, and oh boy, next thing I knew I was getting my first fuck, and sure it hurt some but after that it felt just wonderful and he said are you on the pill and I lied and said yes, so then he came inside me and that was most wonderful of all. And I never got pregnant.
Afterward we got dressed and pretty soon the rain stopped and I got back on my bike and before I left I said Mr. Londos I have decided that when I get old enough to get married, you are the man I am going to marry.
And you know what? Now I am 18 and old enough to get married and Mr. Londos and I are going to Las Vegas next weekend and get married.
So you can see how rainy days make me horny.

Every time it rains I get horny

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