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Sexy Bitch

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My first time actually went very well. I , and i have to admit I looked good for my age. I was about 5'6", weighed about 97 pounds. My chest was already a size 36 C. I had long legs and i was somewhat muscular from playing sports. The guy's name was Josh. He was my best friend(Amber) since kindergarten's older brother. He 6, was about 5'8", Nice muscular body. I'd wanted him for the longest time, and I didnt know that he wanted me too. I was spending a week at my friend Amber's house. She went with her mom to work for a day, so I was alone in the house. Or so I thought. I got out of bed at about 9 and got in the shower. I got out and went and made myself breakfast. Since I thought I was alone I was walking around the house in a towel that barely covered my chest or my butt. As I was making my breakfast I heard something move behind me. I ignored it, opened the fridge, and bent over to get something from the bottom shelf. I felt something gently run across my butt and i turned to see Josh standing behind me, staring at my body. He smiled and said he liked me and wanted to see more of me. So I turned to him and dropped my towel. My naked body quivered as he stepped closer to me. He put his arms around my waist and pulled my body against his as he kissed me. I could feel his dick begin to harden as he ground his body lightly into mine. The kiss was long and passionate, and as he pulled away from me he grabbed my ass. He told me he wanted to make love to me, that he wanted to please me every way possible. I was nervous but I wanted him bad. He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom. My cherry was already popped but I was still a virgin. He sat me down on the bed and I pulled off his shorts. He started licking and kissing my neck, slowly laying me down. His hands roamed up to my tits as he started pinching and squeezing my nipples. I was getting very horny and very wet by that time. Then he started sucking and nibbling on my nipples. I started to moan and get ready to attack him at that point. Then he moved down and spread my legs wide open. He started to kiss from my knees to the lips of my pussy and I was gettin hott! I started to push myself up so my pussy would meet with his mouth, and he pushed me down and started to rub my clit. I started moaning loader and he gently licked my clit. That nearly sent me over the edge. Then he attacked my pussy, sucking on it and licking it. I started to grind my pussy into his mouth, zoning out to the pleasure of him eating me out. Then he slowly started to push 2 of his fingers up into me. It was a little painful, but it felt so good! I was gettin ready to cum, and he could tell by then way i was panting and moaning. He started fingering and licking and sucking a lot faster, and it was bringing me to my orgasm fast! When it hit, I started shaking and moaning really loudly and i soaked his hand. When I was done, We lit up a cigarette and I started stroking his rock hard dick. He was very excited, and i wanted him bad. I finished my cigarette and put it out. He was laying down, so i got on top of him and started to lick up and down the shaft of his dick. He gasped and I started to suck it. Slowly going up and down, my tounge rubbing against it. Then I sped up the pace and went faster. he started to moan, so I kept going. I could tell that he was gettin ready to cum, so I quickly stopped. He moaned and laid back as i climbed on top of him, his cock head softly pushing against my pussy. He put his hands on my hips and asked if I was ready. I said yes and I started to lower myself down onto his hard cock. It was painful, but by the time his 7 1/2 inch dick was fully inside me, all i could feel was pure extasy. I moaned and started to ride him. My pussy was grinding against him as I came down, his body thrusting hard to meet mine. He started to suck and bite my nipples, and it was sending me over the top. He started to pound me harder, as he squeezed my tits and moaned loudly.I started to tighten my grip on his shoulders, and I was bouncing up and down as hard and as fast as I could. We were both heavily panting, and our body glistened with sex. Right before he was about to cum, he quickened his pace again, and I started shaking with the most violent orgasm Ive ever had. I was moaning and my pussy was pulsing, my body quivering as he shoots his load into me, his body shaking against mine, panting and kissing my neck. We both laid in eachother's arms for a few minutes. Then we got up, smoked a cigarette, and had sex in the shower. We've been together fors now, Still having great sex!

Sexy Bitch

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