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first hand job

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I was raised by terrific parents and had two sisters ,one younger and the other older. I should mention I was blessed with good sized breasts-36c. I remember how embarrased I was in the gym locker room because most of my girl friends were so jealous. I used to wear large sweaters to school to help minimize my bust line. Anyway I'm sure everyone is waiting for the good stuff. I didn't date much in school not that I was not attractive, and I'm sure the boys were watching my boobs, but I was more interested in making good grades for college entry. However during my senior year I began dating a fellow classmate who I knew very well and he was a star football player and very popular. Tom and I would go out on week-ends usually to a movie or school events; Since I had a midnight curfew we would usually park in front of my house and make out.I lived on a quiet street so we didn't worry about being seen. I really enjoyed being held anf the kissing was wonderful. After a few dates I found myself looking forward to this part. Also I remember going into the house and feeling wet and clammy between my legs. Tom at this point never progressed with straying hands. I was really getting turned on, so the next make out session I slid his hand on my breast. It was like I released a sleeping giant. He began to squeeze and rub until I thought I was going to explode. It wasn't long before my blouse was opened and bra off. We did this for several more dates and I would run into the house and finger myself off. I could tell he was as horney as I was and I wondered what he did at home. The following weekend we went to a drive-in movie. Since it was summer I wore shorts and a blouse. We parked in the last row for privacy and it wasn't long before my boobs were really getting a workout. I was really curious about the huge buldge in his pant every time we would make out. I was really stupid when it came to the male organ.About half way through the first movie I Tom was kissing my boobs and his hand was down my shorts fingering my pussy. He then decided for the next step was to slide my hand to his crotch. By this time I was really worked up and was trying to get the zipper down when Tom raised up and slid his pants down to his knees. He then took my hand and placed it on his raging hard-on. I almost passed out. I thought it was huge but in reality it about normal. All I did was hold it. Dumb me I never thought to stroke it. Before our next date,we talked about the drive-in eposode and we agreed no intercourse. I then asked him what I could for him and his response was I'll show you. During the next date we skipped the movie and went to uour favorite parking area. During that session I learned all about how males get their pleasure. In a very short time we were totally naked. After he fingered me to a crushing climax he took my hand and showed me the art of hand jobs. It didn't take long before he was squriming so much I could hardly keep my hand on him. He then let loose with a gallon of come. It went everywhere-over my hand,arm,thighs across my boobs. I couldn't believe it. What a night. Since it was still early we cleaned up and had something to eat and parked in front of my house. In a very short time I was pumping off again. This time it took longer but still very intense. So that was our routine from then on. I loved to jack him off. One time at the lake I got him off four times.Later I found out from talking with girl friends about everyone used this method of relief. Before we graduated we advanced to oral and even once tried anal. Over the years I've learned nothing is as good as a well done hand-job

first hand job

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