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ass fucking

Sex = MALE
Where it happened = back seat of a car
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My mom was going to a dinner with my dad so I decided to ask over this girl named Jessica. She was so sexy. She came over and we just talked. My brothers were home so we could'nt fuck in the house. We ran outside and we got in the van. she got undressed and started kissing me. We frenched for a while but soon she got my pants off.She started to suck my cock nice and slow. Soon I moaned for her to go faster. I had my hand on the back of her head and pushed it down on my hard cock. I came in her mouth and she swallowed all of it. Then she showed me her pussy, hot and wet. I liked it and ate her out until she came. I then propped her on the seat and fucked her. I fucked her hard, and I fucked her good. She was screaming and moaning so I stopped. I forgot she had'nt broken her hyman. She was in pain. So I said how about I ass fuck you. She said ok. I stuck my cock in her ass and fucked her. I fucked her until I came hot, white cum. We then cleaned up and went inside. I had a great time and so did she. We go to the same school and we like each other.

ass fucking

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