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Brownstown Middle School

Sex = Male
Where it happened = School parking lot
Language = English
Refnum = 3150

Bowling Alley parking Lot

I had been going out with my now fiancee for a day and I had met her the previous day when we decided to drive around her house and ended up at the local bowling parking lot. I had never had sex, gotten head or even a hand job before and she was experienced so I asked her if she could give me head and she did. It was great...felt so deifferent and when I finally came I started to shudder with enjoyment. Then she showed me how to finger her.

Brownstown Middle School:

I was back by her house (she lives 30 Mi. from me) and we were driving around and looking for a place to have sex. we parked in a few neighborhood but the fear of being caught had overwhelmed me so we head to this middle school (was closed for the summer) it was roughly 12:30am when we got there and it was all deserted so I go in my trunk and get the condom..she was in the back seat with her shorts pulled off and her beautiful pussy staring me right in the face....she was fingering herslef while I was putting on the rubber. I had never done it before but she was experienced with 5 previous partners so she laid down and I got on top of her and she led me in. It was the greatest feeling and I came within 30 seconds. I waitied like 1 minute and I got instantly hard again and started fucking her again and it felt so great and she was so itight. She had told me I was the biggest cock she has ever had. That night I had given her 2 orgasms and it was the first orgasm with a guy she has ever had.

Brownstown Middle School

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