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My Aunt

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My house
Language = English
Refnum = 30440
It had been a year since I had lsot my virginity. My dick was hard 24/7. My Aunt by marraige is a beautiful woman in her early 30's. Her breasts are beautiful and huge.

I was at my house taking a shower when i heard something in the kitchen I grabbed my towel and moved into the kitchen. It was my aunt. She was wearing cut off jeans that showed a bit of her ass cheek, and a bikini thong that was viswible above her shorts, and a bikini top. She was bent over looking through the fridge when I said her name. She turned starteled and looked at me. I was only wearing a towel and my dark tan showed my muscles much better. She grabbed a 7UP and we went to the living room. She asked me to put some tanning lotion on her back so she could tan and not I did. Wheni was done with her back she stood up and pulled her jeans off. now she was only wearing a thong top and bottom. She asked me to get every where the sun would get so I applied it to her ass cheeks. they were firm and small. I looked down to realize that i had an enormous erection. She asked if I wanted to go swimming in a nearby river, and If I needed some lotion. Then she saw my dick. She said maybe we should stay here, and get sweaty here. I stood up and let my towel drop. I stepped up to her till I could feel her pussy underneath her suit with my dick. We kissed and she puished me down on the couch. She pulled her boobs out of her top and pushed them to my face. I sucked on her titties as she pulled her thong down. Then she slid my dick into her. She rode me till I came. Then she got down doggy style and told me to fuck her ass. I did until I came again.

We made love for 4 hours. She still sends me pictures and we have had sex 10 times since then...I love my aunt

My Aunt

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