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Sex = Female
Where it happened = shed
Language = English
Refnum = 30421
me and my best friend were just walking around the block when a boy on a bike yelled at us. We stopped and talked. He ask if I would go the the shed behind a house to makeout with him. I knew him from school so with the encourging of my friend I went. Inside when started and it heated up quick. He put his hands on me and I did the same. Soon we were inside each others clothes feeling and soon his finger was in me. I was wet and loving it. He pushed down my shorts and panties. Before I knew it he was pressing to enter me. With a push he was in. Very little pain and a rush of pleasure. With just a few moves he shot his cum in me. He quickly pulled out and said lets get out of here before anyone catches us. I pulled on my clothes and left. On the way home my friend and I were talking about it. When I got home she and I looked in my panties to see the blood stain and the wet spot from his cum. I was lucky not to get pregent. It was too soon.


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