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pussy eater for life

Sex = Female
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me and my best friend tara were swimming in her pooland her parents were out of town for a week. so anyways we decided to order a pizza so we got out of the pool and ordered the pizza and sat down to watch some tv while waiting for the pizza. i was flippin through the channels and i stumbled upon a movie with alot of sex. so we watched that i looked over at tara and her nipples were poking out like pencil erasers then the doorbell rang tara grabbed the money and got the door she then brought the pizza into the bathroom i was like what the fuck? she started to fill the tub with warm water. tara then went into the kitchen and got a bottle of red wine and two wine glasses. she then motioned for me to follow her so i slowly got up and turned the tv off. i got to the bathroom and i looked into the tub and there she was completly nude just soaking with her eyes closed. i turned my head and said "im sorry i didnt know you wanted privacy." "I dont" she said " i was kinda acting the dumb blond part and asked what she meant as to not give myself away. she said come on get in so i started to get in and she said "no you cant bathe in your bikini get naked" so i took my bikini off and quickly got in the tubshe got me some pizza and i ate it and we drank some wine. all of a sudden she got a razor and started shaving her pubes i was like what are you doing she said im shaving and your next. i just kinda brushed it off and sipped my wine and had another slice. i was just relaxing when i felt tara lifting me up by my ass, and sliding under me. i just let her and said nothing. tara started to shave my pubes and i squirmed a little cuz it kinda tickled once she finnished i felt something going inside me so i opened my eyes and saw her pumping her middle finger in and out of me. i proceded to close my eyes and started to moan a little. then she pulled her fingers out of my pussy and started to eat me out it felt so good i had an orgasm and she let me slip back down into the water the heat on my clit was so nice i almost had another orgasm i told her to finger me again while i was still hot. she pushed three fingers into my cunt and i immediatly came. tara said lets get you cleaned up and she started washing every part of my body.we got out of the tub and went to her room we fell into eachothers arms we were kissing passionatly and our breasts were squashed together we then proceded to eat eachother out i loved the taste of her pussy and i couldnt get enough of it she had an orgasm that was so powerful she had to stop eating me. i stopped eating her and she made me orgasm. then she pulled a double headed dildo out of her drawer and said that she had bought it just for us two and i was hers forever. she put half of it up in my pussy it hurt like a bitch but it felt so good then she kissed me and slid onto the othe half until our clean shaven pussies were touching we fucked like that for twenty minutes then i about passed out she then ate me out again and i was spent i took a little nap then i ate her out for 30 minutes she had three more orgasms in that time we then looked for more stuff to shove up our snatches. we couldnt find anything so we went to the couch and ate eavhother out in a 69 position we then fell asleep and fucked again in the morning.

pussy eater for life

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