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A Horny Kid Finally Gets Some Pussy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = at work
Language = English
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I hit it late one night after work. Me and the girl I banged work at a local grocery store.Its mostly teenagers that work there, We slack off alot, and alotta times all the employees will go out the back of the store when the managers ain't lookin' and smoke a philly or steal a 40 from the front of the store and pass it around out back. We work as baggers and stock people, and we gotta do alot of other shit too like cleaning and helpin' people take shit out to the bus stop or there car or whereever.I'd only been workin' at this place for like two weeks or so when it happened. I met this girl when i started and we kinda hung around each other. one night when we both had to stay until the store closed{11PM} one of our assignments was to get all the trash from all the places around the store and take it out back, and get all the shit that needed to be recycled.So we get out back and as usual there wasn't a fuckin' soul out there so I take out this joint I'd been carryin' around for after work and lit it up. She started somkin a little bit too, and we both started bitching about work, you know , for conversation and shit.Then we get to talk about goin to block parties and all this shit and I was pissed cuz my friends were all out smokin and drinkin and cruisin' around and shit and i was stuck here.Now, I knew this girl was sexually experienced,so in retrospect I really wasn't suprised when she quickly responded,"Wanna fuck then?", so I naturally said ok. But being the fuckin' moron that I am , i had no fuckin idea what to do with her. I'm sitting there scared shitless.Meanwhile, shes already pulled off her khakis{part of our uniform} and is pulling down her panties. SHe turns around and bends over, facing the wall, wanting it rom the back{we obvioulsy didnt have anywhere else to go, so it made sense}.She's much shorter than me, so while im whipping my cock out im wondering how the fuck I'm going to get it in her.So, being the player that I am, i grabbed her ass cheeks and said,"Guide me in". I figured what the hell, i had previously told her i was a virgin anyway.So she reaches around and grabs my cock and I somehow managed to find her pussy. She told me to push so i did and i went right in, and I nearly came right then. She made a little noise when I did this. Now, being the geek that I am, I've seen porn on the internet so I instinctively started thrusting.About fiveseconds after i started, I decided I couldn't hold it anymore and i blew my load.After this I momentarily stopped, and she told me to keep going. I don't even think she was wet yet.After five minutes or so of additional thrusting, she finally came and took my hand and told me to grab her tits. Meanwhile, she had no idea that I had finished like two seconds after we started.
After that , I continued to hang with her at work but I haven't fucked her since then. I don;t think she was too impressed with my inexperience anyway.I really got paranoid though cuz we didn't have a rubber and don't want any diseases and I damn sure don't want a babySo, if any youse guys readin' this are gonna be bangin' a girl anytime soon, wear a fuckin' rubber cuz you never know where these bitches have been.

A Horny Kid Finally Gets Some Pussy

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