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Drunk Sex

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Grandmother's home
Language = English
Refnum = 3070

I was 18 and 1 month old. My friend (girl), and I wanted to go to the cruise and have a good time looking at the awesome mini-trucks and other cars. But she said, "get some alcohol so we can get buzzed!". So I went into my gramma's kitchen and took their 750ml. (a fifth)..of Canadian Club whiskey and we walked down to the cruise. I remember her asking me while we were getting buzzed if I was a virgin. I told her yes and I jokingly said, "I would fuck you, you know?" and she just smiled. Well, anyway, I got REALLY drunk, and so I don't remember, but my brother said when we got home we went straight into the guest bathroom at my grandmother's home. He said he heard us hitting the "under-sink" cabinet. He knew we were fucking. We then came back into the room which I had to share with my bro. He then said I got up on my top bunk and then I told her (the girl) to suck my dick. She did. I was saying things (which I didn't believe I could say on my first time)..things like, "Suck me, Bitch!...Make me cum! Suck it! Suck it! etc. but anyway, the only way I knew I got laid was because my bro told me that he witnessed it, and she said we did it! I was so drunk I couldn't remember! I told her that the next morning. That next night we (consciously) did it down the next block RIGHT IN THE ALLEY!!! right where anybody could see us! I was so horny that I must've shot my load in like 2 or 3 minutes. Now I love having sex with girls in semi-public places! It's such a turn-on! I was addicted to sex ever since!

Drunk Sex

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