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frat boy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = fraternity
Language = English
Refnum = 309
I had gone aways away from home to go to college in a big city
and since I didn't know anyone on campus I joined a fraternity
my freshman year. This girl I knew from back home who I
thought was just a friend decided to come out for her birthday.
I thought that was cool and that we'd go to a few parties and
get drunk. We were hanging out before the parties
started in the fraternity. I pulled her into the phone closet
to kiss her. Well, she wanted to do more. I was all over that.
Until she wanted to have sex. I was drunk and my mind said
"no," but my body had other plans. I really didn't want to,
but she took that me refusing and the bulge in my pants as
just playing hard to get. Well she took me only because I was
too drunk to refuse. The following Monday she went home and
we said our goodbyes. We don't talk anymore and I hear she
doesn't like me much. (we didn't part on the best of terms.)
I've always regretted it, but i learned from the mistake.
I didn't have sex again until I fell for my current girlfriend.

frat boy

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