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Sex = Male
Where it happened = dance party
Language = English
Refnum = 29835
i was sitting on a chair when i saw this beautiful dark skinned girl who i must say had the finest ass i have ever seen! Anyway she was there dancing then suddenly she galnced over to me and smiled i was immeadiately turned on so i got up and danced with her. We danced for a while then she pulled me away and asked me if i could take her home! Isaid HELL Yes and she was a bit shocked but she proceeded to get in my car. As we were driving she was in the back seat and i looked in the mirror to catch a glimps of her hand down her tight jeans. When i reached her house she got out of the car and invited me inside i couldnt resisnt that sexy ass so i said sure. She told me she was going to have a shower first so if i wanted to sit and wait till she got out i could. After about 10 minutes of waiting i got up to see if i could get a sneak peek of her naked and sure enough she had left the bathroom door wide open. I stood there watching her soap her whole body. I got an instant erection. She suddenly turned around and saw me standing there so she singnaled me to come in. That ass was so fine i just grabbed it and she proceeded to remove my clothes. Soon enough i was eating her out and i could see that she was a virgin. I asked her if he was sure she wanted to do this and she replied deffinently i stood up and lifted her onto my dick and she wrapped her legs aound my waist i started off slowly and then i pressed her against the and i was slamming her like there was no tommorow. i finally popped her tight little cherry and then she had her orgasm feeling her contracting on my dick made me shoot all over her and i just stood there holding that tight black ass.


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