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A good ride...

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Garden, caravan
Language = English
Refnum = 29761
That day of Summer'91, I was at my cousin's house and we were playing in the garden. At a moment, he wanted to play school. He asked me to count up to 100 outside the caravan waiting for him to prepare all the things we needed.
When I finished counting, I went to the caravan and got in. He prepared a bed, was half naked and told me to lie down on the bed. He took off my t-shirt and auscultated me. I then turned on the stomach and he did the same onto my back. He then slid my shorts and touched my legs gently. He slid my pants, told me to turn again on my back and looked at my balls and penis but I began having a hard-on. He uncapped me and touched the top of my penis. He then began sucking me. My cock was wetter and wetter and I felt it going all into his mouth. I ejaculated a few minutes after.
He then slid his shorts and I noticed he had no pants under them. He presented me his huge cock which I wanted to suck immediately. It was big in my mouth but had a good taste. He ejaculated in my mouth a long time after I began sucking.
We then kissed with the sperm in our mouths and mixed our sperms. While kissing, he put his dick at the entry of my ass and began fucking me gently at the beginning but harder and harder then. It was hurting me a little but it was realy good after a few strokes. After a long time fucking me, he took his cock off and ejaculated in my mouth. I swallowed thewhole cum which had a realy good taste. He kissed me again with the tongue and we continued making love all the afternoon.
It was the best afternoon I've never had before and we still make love together when we meet even if I have a girlfriend who doesn't know it at all...

A good ride...

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