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SEX, and more sex!

Sex = Male
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Language = English
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Well.. it was a sunny afternoon in london england, i heard the phone ring about 4:00pm and answered it to the voice of my mum saying she was gonna be late coming home, so i decided to call a few female friends to come watch a movie, they came to my house and one of the 3 had her tits bulging out, this made me hard so i said " Whos Horny?" for a joke, but they took it seriously and said lets play a game, after about 2 hours we were all naked and a bit drunk, the girls got bored and started to rub my chest and kiss me deeply, i then took out my dick and didnt think twice grabbed one of the girls head and she started to blow me, it felt so good i exploded straight away down her throat, then i got hard again and flipped one of them over and pushed my 8 inch fat one inside her small wet pussy lips, she moaned and said fuck me damnit, so i went back and forth grabbing and pulling her hair fucking the shit out of her, i came inside her and then she came over my balls, we all fucked and played for about 2 hours more... we decided to see eachover more often after that

SEX, and more sex!

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