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"Dog Humping Bear"

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Okay, so my first time...well, me and my boyfriend had been going out for about a week (if not even,...yes I know, I'm going to hell) Anyways, we lived pretty close to each other and before we were "going out" me and my friend had snuck out of my house to go see him, (no we did not have a three-some..perv!) Well, we stayed there until about 3 a.m., that night we didn't really do anything sexual, we just kinda fooled around, I mean we weren't officially going out and my friend was there and he had a girlfriend at the time..again, yes I know I am going to HELL!! So, about two days later he dumped his girlfriend and we became a "couple". For some reason I liked him alot, more than all my other boyfriends I had had before him. So, soon came Thanksgiving break, we had a five day weekend. The second day of our Thanksgiving vacation we made plans for me to go over to his house, so I did. When I got there we both sat on his recliner chair and watched the Matrix and we started making out, then he wanted to show me something is his room that he was ordering out of a magazine, so I followed him to his room. I was pretty tired and my stomach hurt a little and I layed down on his bed while he put on some music. Then he sat down beside me on his bed and we started making out again, this time he started unbuttoning my shorts and trying to take them off, I didn't let him because I didn't think I was ready to go that far yet. But having my shorts already unbuttoned and almost off he started to finger me, which started to feel really good, until the phone rang..., but then he continued to finger me until the phone rang again..., then after that we just made out some more and he walked me home because his dad was coming home any minute. So, when we got to my house we made plans for me to sneak out of my house and go to his house the next night..Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, the whole day I was pretty nervous because I knew what he was expecting and I wasn't sure if I was ready or not, but after talking to my friend for HOURS and her reassuring me, I finally came to the conclusion that I was definately ready. Also, knowing that my boyfriends birthday was coming up that Sunday I wanted to "give" him something he would hopefully never forget (or atleast not forget for a whlie). My friend also thought this was a good idea! So, that night around eleven he called me and wanted to know if and when I was coming over, I told him I changed my mind (because I was pretty nervous because my dad was sleeping on the couch in the living room, which was right outside my bedroom and I was afraid he would hear me sneak out my window) I told him he could come over and sneak into my house. So he did. While talking on the phone with my friend waiting for him to come over, she was actually calming me down because I was still pretty nervous and scared. But, about ten minutes later I heard a tap on window and I knew it was him. I got off the phone with my friend and opened the window really slow and tried not to make any noise, I also turned some music on so it would drown out our voices (little tip there for everyone =). As soon as he came in he was pretty eager and we started making out really heavily, I layed down on my bed and he layed down on top of me and he started to lift up my shirt and undo my bra..its one of those bras that claspes in the front and he was having a little trouble with it, but finally he got. Then I started to get even more nervous when he went for my shorts again so I told him I was thirsty and went to go get something to drink. On my way back to my room I went to the living room and made sure my dad was asleep and made sure my brother's door was shut to his room. When I opened my door, he was just sitting on my bed and looked kinda disappointed and sad and he also looked very HOT, so this made me feel pretty bad and kinda turned on too, so I sat down on the bed and we started to maked out some more, I guess he could tell I was a little nervous because then we stoped kissing and started to talk about it. He reassured me that no one would know what would happen or not happen between us that night..and that kinda made me feel better and more willing. So we started to make out some more and he complained about how hot it was and he talked me into talking me tank top off again. He then looked at me and asked me if I really wanted to do this and I shook my head and whispered yes. We both layed back down on my bed and I let him take my shorts and panties off this time. I helped him take off his shirt and continued to make out. He was having a little trouble rising to the occasion but he finally did. Then he told me it would be better if I was on top, but being very inexperienced I didn't want to make an ass out of myself so I said So he just looked down and was like o..k, so he got on top of me and "entered" me. At first it kinda hurt, everytime he would thrust I would feel like something pinching me, and at first we were going pretty slow because I guess I was pretty tight, but like before he was pretty eager and he just kept thrusting and thrusting away, which kinda reminded me of a dog humping a little bear, because he was getting pleasure and I was still feeling a little pain. I started to think that this really sucked, but then it didn't hurt anymore and he started to go a little faster and it started to feel better, then he started to go even faster and it felt REALLY good!! I wanted to moan or make some kinda noise to show him that it felt good but knowing that my dad was like right there kinda ruined it, so I just kinda made little whispers and whimpering noises. Then, he started to slow down and it was less "pleasurful", then the phone rang!! It was my friend calling me at three in the morning (god bless her soul!!) We kept going at it for a couple more minutes until he finally came and soon after so did I. Then we continued to make out and get dressed and he snuck back out my window and went home. Well, soon after that we broke up, and I was pretty heart broken, I mean he was my first. Even though it wasn't "exciting" like a porno story or something, it was still pretty special to me and I'll always remember my first and I will always joke about it to my best friend how he resembled a dog humping a bear!!
~The End~

"Dog Humping Bear"

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