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gay sex

Sex = Male
Where it happened = grandmas
Language = English
Refnum = 29521
One day in my grandma's basement me and my cousin were joking around humping each other cousin is a year older then me. Then i said i wonder how it would feel to suck a cock. He said "do you want to find out i" i said sure. So he undid his pants and i started to suck his dick.We couldn't get fuller naked uncase my grandma come downstair, so we would just pull are pants down to are ankles. We switch after a while it felt so good. Then it was my turn again. I liked sucking his dick. While i was sucking i wet my finger and shoved ti up his ass. He told me it felt good so then i started licking his asshole, I loved the taste of his ass.He then did the same to me it felt amazing when he was fingering and licking my ass.Soon we were in the 69 position and he started to come i swollowed allthe come. It made me so horny i comed.Ten we both stood up and i bent hime over and licked his asshole and left a lots of spit on his ass. He then put lots of spit all over my cock.Then i rammed my 7 inch dick right up his ass. I could till it hurt him but he took it like a champ and started saying for me to fuck him harder after a while.Soon enough a blow my load in his ass and i he said it was his turn.I bent over thinking it was going to hurt like hell because his dick was even bigger then mine.He lubed up my ass and started to fuck my hard it hurt like hell at first but then it felt great. After a good while he said he was going to blow so i pulled away and sucked all the come out of his dick it tasted so and my cousin have never told anyone and never will because we both have girlfriends and we would be devastated if anyone find out.But, since then when ever me and my cousin are alone in a room,basement,house or car we have crazy gay sex.

gay sex

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