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Shower Time

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Her house
Language = English
Refnum = 29449
Ok, we were at school and we had planned to go to her house, so I could lose my virginity. She took the bus to her house and I got there in my car 10 seconds later. We went in her house and fuddled around for about 5 minutes, then started making out on her bed. She took off her shirt and bra and my shirt, etc etc. I started playing with her tits (she said she liked that) and kissed her body all over, down her tummy and thighs. Then we began to fuck (I can't describe it) and I lasted all of a minute. Damn.

Then we went down to her shower and got in - it was nice and hot. We showered together for a while then we were trying to figure out how to get at it in the shower. I sat down on the bench in her shower and she straddled me with her shins on the bench and we started going at it some more. This lasted a while, and it was sorta uncomfortable, so we got out and dried off. We went back up to her room and she put on this lingere thing with stockings, and we decided to try doggy style. She got on her bed and bent over and I went behind her and got it in, and began to pound away at her (it was tiring) and we tried this for a while - she seemed to enjoy it alot. I still didn't cum the second time, and she had to go babysit (from fucking to babysitting...) so we got dressed and I drove her to her babysitting job.

Shower Time

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