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oh baby

Sex = Female
Where it happened = My Parents House
Language = English
Refnum = 29362
Hi. i was 20years old and so was my boyfriend. i had fooled around before and have been told by my ex men that i give excellent head. so after a week of fooling around with my man we had sex. my first time. we came back to my parents house and no one was home, so we started to fool around. on the living room floor. he took off my dress and i took off his clothes. then we fooled around some more. then i couldnt take it any more , i pulled out a condom from where i hid them. i said baby i am so horny fuck me hard please. he obeyed. pf courde i bleed, but what shocked me the most was that he ate me out afterward. my first time for that too. ever since that day i cant get enough of his dick. lol. i love him and he is great in bed. thats my first time.

oh baby

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