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initiation suprise

Sex = Female
Where it happened = party
Language = English
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You hear about having weird friends, well mine decided for my 18th birthday to pull a good one on me. I never have had sex with anyone until this time, and they wanted me to know what it was "all about."

Well, they got me well whipped up, and a little loose with the wine and realised there was no cake left at the party.

Sandie suggested we make one with the whip cream she has brought along. "How can we make a cake that way?" I asked her..."You will be it."

They stripped me down, put me on the dining table, and procedded to put whipped cream all over me. I didnt think anything of this, until some one asked "how do we eat this cake in front of us?" Leslie, shows them diving right into my pussy!

She had me cuming in five minutes, and she is gooood with her tongue! My other friends ate my pussy over the next hour, and Leslie let me do her pussy as well.

We ended the night doing a pussy eating free for all. What a way to turn 18.

initiation suprise

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