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Sex = Female
Where it happened = I was housesitting
Language = English
Refnum = 29177
I was housesitting a friends house and I had to go there to feed and let out their dogs. We took care of the dogs and then started to snoop around the house. We went into the master bedroom and went through a few drawers and we found a bunch of condoms and lube jellies. We then went into the shower and started intense foreplay. After a while we moved our party to the living room. He ate me out then he pulled out a condom. He teased me with his long hard cock.It ripped into my virgin cunt. He huffed and puffed, pushing himself deeper and deeper into me. He fondled my breasts like they were playdough. After about twenty minutes of intense nipple play and him dipping in and out of me, he exploded into me like a gun. I qivered in ecstacy. He collaped on top of me. After ten minutes of lying there, we got up to reilize that there was cum all pover the couch! What a sticky situation! Now I am with a guy who gives me much better sex!


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