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One day on the beach ...

Sex = Male
Where it happened = The beach
Language = English
Refnum = 29150
I was walking on the beach sulking about my girlfriend who ditched me yesterday when i want to have sex as i am a virgin. I saw this girl about my age sitting, gazing at the stars. She heard my footsteps she bend her head down. But when I walked past her she just pull my jeans and pull me toward her. She unzipped my jean and my dick popped out. I was feeling surprised when she started giving me blow jobs, i was enjoying every moment of it when she pull down her skirt showing off her red sexy panty. I stared in amazed until she too pull up her blouse, revealing her laced bras. She took my one of my hand and slipped into her panty while another hand into her bras. She asked me to take off my jeans and request me to slid my dick into her pussy. The feeling was great. She said she felt no pain. I was in every moment of it then i licked her pussy, it was great!!!
I and her dress ourselves and go separate ways.I lose my virginity surprisingly.

One day on the beach ...

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