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sister fuck

Sex = Male
Where it happened = home
Language = English
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I caught my sister fingering herself in her room and she begged
me not to tell my parents. I said she would have to do anything I wanted.
She aggreed. I told her to strip and get on the bed. She did.
First, I licked her pussy till she came. I then tied her up ^
began to lick eveypart of her body. She was screaming but no
one was home. I rammed my dick into her mouth and forced her to
suck!! I came in her mouth ^ forced her to swallow my cum. I
untied her and fucked her real good. I came in her pussy.

I pushed her into the bathroom and began to lick her again.
I forced my finger into her ass. She then jumped onto my dick.
I fucked her and fingered her lips. I came and she cleaned me up.
we have sex regularly now.

sister fuck

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