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Dumb Bimbo

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Her car
Language = English
Refnum = 28789
I meet this chick named Trina when I was 14 almost 15. Well on my 15 birthday we started going out her being a year older than me she had a car. One night Trina picked me up and we went to the spot to make out. Well it was our first time making out and she lifted up her shirt and I couldn't belive how white the girl was. It was almost blinding. Her boobs were small and tasty. So I deecided to take it a step futher and go down on her. That is something I never plan to do again. It smelled almost as bad as it tasted. I was over come by the smeel/tasted that I opened the car door for air. She asked what was wrong and I said I was just hot and needed some fresh air. Dumb bimbo. She then proceded to give me a blow job. He teeth kept skinnin my dick and I gave up on it and told her lets fuck. She hopped on my dich and rode me for ever and I didn't come. The slut had fucked so many ppl that I couldn't feel anything after she came we left and I broke up with her. I then told everyone what a lousy lay she was an no one would date her. Dumb Bimbo

Dumb Bimbo

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