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Sex = Male
Where it happened = friend's party
Language = English
Refnum = 28783
I had never been a partier. Well, one weekend, a friend of mine invited me to his party. I wasn't going to go, but he kept at me and this girl I liked, Beth, was going to be there, so I gave in. After 15 minutes at the party, I was already ready to leave. I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs, and all of that was going on quite a bit. I felt out of place. As I was going to the door, Beth came up to me. She told me not to leave and that there was pleanty of stuff to do at the party. I asked her what. She replied by lifting up her shirt. Beth didn't have hugh tits, but they were nicely shaped and needless to say I started to get quite hard. I made the easy decision to stay and I followed Beth into an empty room. Even after this, I didn't expect anything to happen. Beth and I started making out on the bed and I started taking off her shirt. Our clothes kept coming off piece by piece until we were laying next to each other naked. Beth layed me back on the bed and told me to relax. She started sucking my dick, and in under a minute I was cumming in her mouth. She swallowed too! Next she mounted my dick and started fucking me. I couldn't believe it! Since I had just came, I was actually able to last a while. Next she got on bottom and told me to fuck her hard. I thrusted in and out with all my strength. I somehow brought her to orgasm, and when she started screaming my name I got really turned on. Within seconds after that I pulled out and came all over her chest. We took a shower together after to clean up, but that's another story! :)


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