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well i was 14, and i knew this girl for a while. she was very hot and i always asked her if she wanted to have sex. but she thought i was kidding evertime i asked her. so i giess she fianally beleived me. her freinds were over so we closed her door and locked it.closed all the blinds and all shut off the lights. i laid on top of her and started kissing. i rubbed on her pants where her pussy was. she took her pants off and i did the same and i rubbed her panties and they got wet from her pussy. i slid them off her and she took off my boxers. i spread her legs put my dick in her slit and pushed hard. she yelled, but we had to be quiet cause her friends were there. she was like oh oh oh i popped her cherry and she satrted to bleed but we dident care. we just kept going. she was so warm inside it felt so good. i kept pushing in and out and finally i had to shoot my load, and so did she.we were both tired from that experience, so we layed down and that was it.

fresh young pussy

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