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aunt with big boobs

Sex = Male
Where it happened = her house
Language = English
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Well i had an eye on the aunt living opposite to my house. Though she was much older than me, she was very attractive and good looking. She had very big boobs. She is a mother of two beautiful daughters.

When i stepped into the new house, i saw for the first time. She smiled at me. Her husband is a frequent traveller. It was a summer day, she signalled to join for tea. When i went to her, she was alone. I asked about the children, she said that children had been to a camp. My cock was hardening inside. She asked what i would like to have coffee or tea. I said nothing and was staring at her. She said she knew what i want. She sat next to me. I started shivering with the touch of her. She took my hand to her chest. I started unbuttoning her blouse and bra. I squeezed her boobs and nipples. She had nice tits. I sucked them well. She took my head down to her pussy. I was licking her all the way to the pussy. Her pussy was very wet. I started eating her pussy and sucked all the juices. She was moaning and came there and juice flowing out of her vagina. I licked everything. She was very thrilled with my oral work. She whispered in my ears that she liked it very much. She took out my dick and put her lips around it. She put it deep inside her mouth and encircled it with her tongue. I was feeling very good and came inside her mouth. She swallowed everything. She took my dick in her hand and put it inside her vagina. It was still hard. I pushed it inside her. She asked me not to put it inside instead she made me to play with her pussy with my dick. It was a very nice experience. After a while she took it inside and i jerked her pussy well for about 6 to 7 minutes. It was a great fuck.

Even toda i remember that. We had no chance of having sex after that.

aunt with big boobs

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