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Big Brother

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Living Room
Language = English
Refnum = 2884
My mom was able to find an older guy to be my big brother(he was 24 then). I was lying on the floor beside him one night
watching a movie and I put my hand down his pants. He said it was O.K. to touch it. I felt it for a few seconds. Later that
night(we slept in same room) I asked if I could jack him off. He let me jack him off then we went to sleep. The next morning
I jacked him off again and also sucked on his penis. I let him touch mine for the first time. A few days later before I left
for holidays I pulled him in the shower with me. This was the first time that he sucked me off. I came in his mouth, he came in
my mouth.

When I got back from holidays, we had anal intercourse for the first time. I enjoyed feeling his penis inside me. Then he let
me put my penis in his anus. That felt so good I thought I would explode. Over 3 days together, we hd sex about 12 times.

We went to movies together, he would stay over and sleep in my room and we would always have sex. We went down south together
and that was enjoyable. I don't see him anymore because my mom and I moved to the other coast. I will never forget him, and my
first real sexual experiences.

Big Brother

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