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dont cum so fast!

Sex = Female
Where it happened = basement
Language = English
Refnum = 27984
I love all these stories where the girls are having tons of orgasms with guys. Let's face it - guys cum in about 10 seconds and sometimes dont even last to pump your pussy. So after my first time, where I swear he stroked me about twice and gave me no oral, I learned a few things. First, jerk him off with your hand first. He'll get hard again in just a few minutes but probably last longer, longer to give your pussy a bit of a workout. Then tell him you want him to eat your pussy and when he does, return with a favor with the best blow job you can. If you dont want him to cum in your mouth, have him cum on your tits and have him rub it in. After he eats you you will surely feel like sucking his dick I guarantee. The best is when he's cum a few times because then he can really last. You can even change positions when your fucking and find an angle thats good for you. The only price you pay is a sore pussy, and in that case congratulations! And don't forget if your boyfriend doesnt make you cum just the way you want, there is always yourself! Guys, go slow if you can when you're in unless your girlfriend is screamming FASTER FASTER (like I do sometimes) and you better be ramming away. Put her legs up on your shoulders or fuck her from behind and dont forget to rub her clit and nipples. Youll thank me when you feel her pussy suck on your bigger than ever dick!

dont cum so fast!

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