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gang bang

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my friends house
Language = English
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last week my friend and i were down the pub, his wife pauline was at keep fit and wouldn't be home till about 10pm. at about 8.30pm my friend asked me when was the last time i had sex because he said his wife said that she would love to screw me. i blushed and told him that i have never had sex before, then he said this could be your lucky night because his wife was having a bit of a party with some friends from work after she comes back from keep i said great and i would love to come around for a few drinks.

we got to the house about 10.15 and pauline answered the door as we got to it, inside there was 2 other men, gerry and stephen were there names,it looked as though they were allready giving pauline a good shagging by the way they were dressed (they had nothing on) i looked at davy anpauline looked at me in fact i think she was looking at the hard on i had, without any hesitation she started kissing me and unsiping my trousers stephen stood behind her and gerry was feeling her tits, off came my clothes and dowwn she went onto my cock i couldn't believe it my best friends wife was going to be fucked by the 4 of us pauline spread her bum and stephen stuck his cock into her and started fucking her for all he was worth, davy stripped off and pauline stopped sucking me off and started on gerry the size of his cock must have been 9 or 10 inches the groaning started coming from stephen he said ahh im cumming ,pauline took gerrys dick out of her mouth for a second and said jim get in there and fuck me good and if your any good we can make this a weekly thing, SHIT i thought this is great i got behind her and copied what stephen was doing because he had flushes going to paulines head never mind the cum filling her fanny so i stuck my cock in her and it was amazing so juicy, soft, warm and homely iwas watching pauline sucking gerrys and davys cock in turns while i could see stephen rubbing himself as if he was trying to get hard again but i didn;t care i was having my first fuck and was enjoying it. all of a sudden pauline stopped and told me to lie on the floor then she lowered her self onto my dick and started to fuck my brains out at the same time holding gerrys and days cocks in her hand, stephen she said come over here and help jim and me with a double dunter, i thought to myself whats this, she lay back with her back on my chest and opened her legs wide then stephen got on top of her and stuck his cock into her fanny she let out a scream and shouted come on you 2 fuck me hard, i couldn;t help it i just started pumping her with my cock in the same rythem as stephen was i never drem't sex could be so good after about 2 or three minutes i knew i was going to cum and told her so, but she rolled off us both and said that we all had to cum in her mouth because she loved the taste of cum. you should have seen us four of us jerking off i was first to cum i shot my load into her mouth and she licked my cock to make sure there was no more cum left next was davy and gerry they were both cumming at the same time pauline tried to get both of there cock into her mouth at the same time but got all the cum in i could see her swallowing it and licking her lips stephen groaned again and pauline took his cock in both hands and guided it to her mouth the amount of cum that came out of him was unreal but she still swallowed it all, she said to us same time same place next week , isaid ok and thanks

gang bang

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