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My moms friend

Sex = Female
Where it happened = kitchen table
Language = English
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This happened last summer. A friend of my moms came by to drop off something she had borrowed from her. My mom wasn't home and I think her friend new it. She came inside and the next thing I know she asked me if I had ever had sex before. I told her I had but it was a lie. She unbuttoned my shirt and rubbed my chest so good that I then got really hard. Then she unzipped my jeans and pulled my cock out and sucked it. She then took off her panties and layed spread eagle on my families kitchen table. I was really scared. I told her that I didn't want to get her pregnant and she assured me that she was on birth control pills. At first she wanted her ass fucked so I pushed my cock deep into her ass. She moaned and asked me to go as deep in her ass as could. I did this until I thought I was going to come. She must have known cause right before I was getting ready to explode my cum in her ass she tells me to fuck her pussy. I thrust into her with one long thrust and fucked her until I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and then I couldn't hold it any longer. I came inside her. It felt so good. We didn't stop after that, next she sucked my cock and then we fucked in my parents bedroom. The problem with this is that several months later she tells me I got her pregnant. I love her so much and will be the best father.

My moms friend

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