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Orgy Party

Sex = Male
Where it happened = basement
Language = English
Refnum = 27401
i went to my friend'z party & he said this was gonna b a coed party, & i was like ok. but when i got there, he had just told me that his party was gonna be an orgy!! i was suprised & horney!!! damn, did i see all the fine ladies in that basement. i was thinking, i'm going to have to do it with guys 2. so, then my friend turned the lights out & we were beginning to orgy. i went up to this girl & she just ripped my clothes off & we were kissing & i went down her & licked her pussy,giving her an orgasm. i knew i was cumming in her. i thrust my dick in her faster & faster makin her scream. every1 in the room just watched. then we had to switch partners. i had this guy i knew frum school, named vince. i felt nervous bout this, cuz i dont wanna be gay. but i jus looked around & i saw guys doing guys & girls doind girls. so i figured, what the hell. we both kissed & he suddenly rubbed my bod, he went down & sucked my dick. i was WHOA!! he got cum all over his face & he told me to lick it, so i did. i really ddint like the taste of it, but i got used to it. i had done it with 2 guyz & 3 girlz. we had stayed in the basement for 4 hr!! i liked my 1st orgy & i still continue to do it.

Orgy Party

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