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I Love Tennis

Sex = Male
Where it happened = her tennis courts
Language = English
Refnum = 27388
Well me and my girl were playing tennis at her tennis courts in her house. Well I started to get horny because she was wearing those short tennis skirts and like a loose tank top. I will always hit the ball to the floor just to see her pick it up. And that got me very horney.

So when she was at the corner of the courts pick up the balls. I got behind her and I started to squeeze her ass. She are a soft round ass. Than I slowly started to pull down her panty. As I was doing that she was taking off her top. She had medium sized tits which was soft, round and so good. That she take off my short and boxer and grabbed my big cock. She pushed to the floor and got on top of me and placed my cock in to her pussy. She was so tight. It felt so good. She start to bouce up and down. After a while we both cum at the same time. We both rested for a while than got dressed and want up to her room and we fucked around(and we really FUCKED around)

I Love Tennis

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