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Tight Assed Big Breasted Bitch

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Her Bedroom
Language = English
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Well it all started when I met this Hottie at a party at my friends house. At the Party We taked for like the whole time. The next day in school she wrote me this note. She gave it to me I read it a few seconds later. it said to meet her at her house {address} at 3:00. I got a ride over from may dad. He thought we were doing a school project. Hey it could have been we were taking sex education. I got there we started talking, we started making out an i was thinking HOLLY Fuck, How can I be with this hot girl. I was kinda nervuos since she was my first girlfriend too. She whent to the bath room and just staid there for 15 minutes. I knocked i heard nothing. I opened the door for it was not locked. She was complaetly nude with C Cups at full sulute right at me. She had a comdome in her hand, I knew what we were doing to do now. She came up to me started kissing me wile undoing my belt and pusshing me into my room across the hall. She Shoved me on the the bed and took my cloths off. I was so hard by now and felt like i was about to Cum allover the place. she came over to me and sat on top of me sliped my Cock into her pussy. She was facing me and she could see the expretion on my face. Shetarted pumping when i Cumed she said "finaly" "you only pumped for 10 seconds" I said. We were booth happy. WE did it a couple more times. From then on we did it every copule of weeks. We have been going out for a yeard and a half now and are very happy.
I will always remember that and I hopew we spend the rest of our lives to gether.

Tight Assed Big Breasted Bitch

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