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My frist time

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my bedroom
Language = English
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me and my boyfriend had been giong out for just under 4 months and we decided that we both want to have sex. My parents were out working and i had the day off school and so did he so it was perfect. We started kissing like normal, then i gave him a head job til he was just about to cum and he ate me out, coz i wanted to have heaps of foreplay coz i heard it is better then.

I then helped him put on the condom and he lay on top of me and started to fumble around trying to get his dick into my pussy. Just as he got it in he came! he was really really embarassed about it and i was kinda giggling but still felt sorry for him coz this was his frist time too. We put on our clothes and started tp watch tv. After about half an hour we decided to try again. This time it working no problems. It was the best feeling ever and he last for about half hour before he came this time.

It was as romantic as i had planned but it was still fucking good!

My frist time

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