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bbw babysiter

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Well my parents went on this vacation to Jamica and they had my nabor to babysit my .i found she was pretty she was a bbw and had blond hair I geuss her weght was about about 275lbs and she was 21 Well I was the only child in my family so that was the life. Well the second night she was overabout 11:30 I saw here watch porn and feeling here self.
Then I sneeqe that was bad she l;ook up at me and said " What are you doing up" I repied " I was hot and can't go to sleep" she said well come down here .so I did when I did she asked" Have you evey seen a naked girl? well I said no then she turn back on the TV and she said there you go!!!
Well I was horny now I had the biggest hardon and I was only wearing my boxers then she looked down and said "what is that" I was stunned She said wanna see me naked? I said yes" still stunned she took off her pants and shirt then here bra and then her panties. She started to take off my boxers and then she said big penis it was only abou 6" long then she hug me withher big tits and fat she said" lick me all over so I did then she told me to lick her clit and was that ever good then in my own action I cum Then I got another woody and she said fuck me I place my penis in the pussy and started to faster till I cumed that was about 4 min into it> We did that alot evy when my parents were at work.

bbw babysiter

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