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Erika - my first pussy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my room
Language = English
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Im reading all these stories and my rod is pointing at the ceiling, so before I wank I want to tell you all that my first time was quick but good. My 18 year old cousin Erika comes over to sit my little sister and one day I was home cuz practice was cancelled. I was upstairs thinking about wanking and my mom left and said Erika's here anyway. Just hearing her name made me stiff. My little sister was downstairs watching a video. Mom leaves and the next thing I know Erika is knocking on my door saying Rob? and I gasp back yeah? Im only wearing a tshirt and no pants or boxers and my rod is in my hand. She walks in and giggeld. I felt emberressed except then she said wow. She touched my hardon and I swear it twitched. She said weve got to hurry, and stripped off everything!!! She said make me wet and sat over my face. I licked her and twirled my tonge around as best I could and she was moaning yeah. I tried hard not to shoot and she moved down me and slid over my dick and sat right on it. The feeling was incredible and I was pumping up into her. In no time I came so strong and shot into her about 6 times. She layed down on me and I felt her tits on my chest. I thought I would black out. She climbed off me and I layed there in a daze. I just fucked Erika! She went into the bathroom and got dressed. She came out and said you cant tell anyone! The sad thing is we never did it again and she is still my only fuck and I am back to wanking fulltime. Like now.

Erika - my first pussy

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