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Sex = Male
Where it happened = school
Language = English
Refnum = 25799
i had just come back from a school trip, and i went to the changing rooms to get changed, as i walked past the girls changing rooms i heard a groaning.
i poked my head round the the door to see Anne, the girl of my dreams, she was fingering herself. she noticed me instantly, and after the initial shock she asked me if i wanted to join in. any way after 15 mins masterbation she asked me if i wanted to go further "what about protection?" i asked
"I'm on the pill" she replied
so she slipped onto the floor, hitching up her skirt, revealing her soft wet pussy. i was already rock hard at this point and i slipped my quivering member into her juicy hole, it was fantastic!
i formed a serious relationship with anne, and to this day we still occasionaly make love at school, in deserted classrooms etc. i am the happiest 18-year old alive!


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