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Three's an orgy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = girl friend's house
Language = English
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I was a guy who grew up in a neighborhood of girls. From the time we were 5 years old, we rode bikes, played in the yard and games inside. I'd have my friends from school over from time to time, but always remained close to several of the girls I grew up with.

As we entered out teenage years, they started becoming interested in boys, and I was very fond of girls. Sharon and Samantha were my two best friends and we'd talk very openly about the people we liked, who liked us, and the things we liked about the opposite sex.

We all turned 15 the same summer. One Saturday afternoon Sam and Sharon came by my house. I was out in the back shooting hoops by myself. "Hi Bobby, let's play HORSE".

The three of us played around for a while. It was hot and I was just wearing shorts and sneakers, Sam was in shorts and a tank top. Sharon was in shorts and a tube top. Both girls had become very well endowed with nice firm breasts, slim waists and curvy hips. Their legs were great and they both had nice asses.

I was just starting to grow and at 5-9 was just a few inches taller than they were. I weighed about 140 pounds and was built pretty good. We'd always been very casual with each other ever since we were little kids in splash pools in the backyard. I'd seen their bare butts, even glimpsed their budding tits from time to time. They'd probably seen my ass and probably even my little boy prick over the years.

Of late I'd realized that they were hot looking girls and enjoyed being close to them. After a while we quit the basketball and went inside for a cold drink. We sat on the screened back porch...the two girls in folding chairs while I lay down on the chaise.

We started talking about how long we'd been friends and had grown up together. Sam commented that she was impressed with how "buff" I'd become. She moved over and sat on the edge of the chaise started to look at me closely. Then Sharon came over and they began a clinical inspection, both of them feeling my biceps and shoulders. They asked me to flex my muscles, which I did with their hands on me and they voiced their approval. They inspected the hair under my arms and traced the outline of my pectoral muscles across my chest. With her finger Sam outlined the ridges of my budding six pack and marveled how smooth my skin felt while the muscles were so hard.

Of course, something else was growing hard with all this attention to my chest, arms and stomach. It wasn't all that noticable through the denim material of my shorts, but I had a throbbing woodie that was aching to stretch out straight.

Sharon then turned her attention to my nipples. I'd found out on my own that those little brown circles were especially sensitive to the touch and I frequently squeezed and stroked them myself when jerking off in the shower or in bed at night. Sharon moved close to see them very closely and I could feel her warm breathe on my chest. She exclaimed to Sam how "cute" they were, sort of miniature versions of girls nipples. I remarked that I'd have to take her word for it, not having seen their nipples since they were about 7 years old. Sharon felt each one, massaging my chest muscles and pinching the nipples almost until it hurt...but it was very nice and I loved it.

We joked about their boobs and now big or little they were. So they returned my teasing and made a comment about remembering how little my pecker was when they saw me peeing in the backyard when I was 8. That comment focused the attention of all three of us on my crotch and the swollen meat that was hidden behind the tight shorts.

Sharon, who was always the most daring, said, "Bobby, could we see know...see what a boy really looks like down there." She was looking straight at my crotch and Sam was blushing red, but looking there too.

Now I was blushing, both because of her request, but also because I was really turned on by the thought of all this. I played hard to get for a few minutes, but Sharon kept insisting, even tugging at my waistband. Sam giggled and blushed, but look on in eager anticipation.

What the heck, I thought, and gave them a sort of strip tease, lying back on the chaise with them still sitting on either side of me. I unsnapped the shorts and slowly slid down the zipper. Raising my hips off the chaise, I slid the shorts down to my knees where Sharon grabbed them and took them the rest of the way down. She yanked off my sneakers to make it easier.

Because I had on my shorts I'd worn CK tight briefs instead of my usual boxers. Once the shorts were off my rigid cock was able to rise up off my belly and pushed the underwear several inches up, announcing his arrival. "OK Sharon, you asked for it, now you go get it."

Taking me up on the challenge, Sharon slowly pulled the waistband of the CK's down over my hips, which I raised slightly off the chaise. Emboldened by my assistance, Sam reached under and grabbed the back and slid them down over my ass. As the front of my underwear was slowly pulled down, both girls moved to their knees on the floor, both their heads hovering just a foot or so over my crotch.

Light brown pubic hair came into sight, then Sharon realized she had to lift up the waist band to get over the top of my prick. First the head of my penis, then the shaft began to come out from under cover. Both girls giggled and gushed their amazement and delight in seeing these "boy-parts" up so close. The final revelation for them was the exposure of my nuts, feeling to me to be very large and hanging low in their sack due to my exertion and the heat of the day.

Sam completed the removal of the underwear and I laid back naked under their gaze. I just threw my hands up over my head, closed my eyes, and said to the girls, "well, what do you think"

"Bobby, it's huge", was Sam's first comment. They moved closer to look and I could feel them breathing on me. The stimulation of their gaze and hot breathe caused my balls to react and they "oh my goshed" as the nuts shifted their position. I made no comment, only imaging what my mother would think if she came home from work early and found us.

I felt Sharon's hand on my thigh, when Sam's on my other leg. They stroked up and down, moving higher each time. I still wasn't looking but felt one of their hands push thru my pubic hair several times and tug on the curly hairs. Then another hand hefted my nuts up and down. "Sharon, feel this" Sam said, and another hand took my balls, first the right, then the left one and let them slide thru her fingers in the sack. She remarked how smooth the skin felt and hot they felt.

Now they moved onto the object of their curiosity and lightly grabbed my cock around the shaft. I felt two hands on it, one taking measure from the balls to the tip and the other one examining the swollen head. They remarked about the tiny slit in the end and how soft the head was around it. The hardness of the shaft also amazed them and asked if it hurt me.

Assuring them that nothing they were doing was painful, Sharon asked her next question, "What happens when a boy has an orgasm." This again prompted Sam to giggle and Sharon said, "Well I want to see." I told them that I could make it happen by rubbing it up and down and thinking about beautiful them...I added for good measure. I acknowledged that I jacked off thinking of them sometimes.

This brought forth many questions from them. I said that I'd been jacking off since I was 13 years old and did it about every day. I told them that Playboy pictures used to do it for me but now I liked to fantisize about girls I knew and what they looked like naked. All this came as quite a revelation to them and they quickly went to work on me.

Now I raised myself up on my arms to see what was happening. Sharon took the shaft of my cock and started to stroke it up and down while Sam massaged my balls and thighs. It didn't take long and I laid back down, clinched my ass and moaned. The first shot of cum nearly hit Sharon in the face and the most powerful orgasm I'd ever felt pumped about four more good loads of cum out onto my belly and chest. The girls were awestruck by the process.

They rubbed their fingers in the cum and Sharon, the daring one, tasted it. "Come on, girls are supposed to eat it all," I teased them.

They were also amazed by the speed with which my hard on drooped and resumed more normal and modest proportions. With that I sat up and said, "Show's over for now" and stood up to get my pant back on. Sharon reached up to my base ass from her knees and took a measure of them, giving a short massage while telling Sam, "Gosh he's got a butt to die for."

As you might have guessed, neither Sharon or Sam had to die for my ass or anything else. Soon after that our friendship moved into a whole new arena. I demanded an equal opportunity to explore the girl's beautiful bodies. After checking out their beatiful breasts, rounded asses and strong legs, I made their pussies more sopping wet than they'd ever had before. I challenged them to prove that all our parts we'd admired really worked the way their were designed.

We enjoyed many times together out on the back porch. Sharon screwed me first, then Sam, then after comparing notes, we tried a threesom. Both girls still live in town and I see them from time to time. I may ask them to check out this story on the website and have them tell their side of the story. Stay tuned.

Three's an orgy

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