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My First Love

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Okay, so I have been coming to this site for awhile & couldn't wait to tell everyone when my first time happened. I was (And still am) in love w/my boyfriend, "Eddie". He is the best...the sweetest (& OMG HOTTEST) guy ever! We have been dating for awhile now & one night he came to my house, as he often did. We where laying on my bed & the NEXT Cd was playing...we started kiss, ETC!!!! Finally he said to me "I love you so much..." & he has said it b4 but then he said "Do you want 2 try?" He is 17 & isn't a virgin. I was thinking about it & I said "do you have something" & he said "in my car i'll go get it & u think about it some more okay??" when he came back i had decided not to, but being the sweetest guy that he is he hadn't even gotten the condom b/c he could tell i wasn't ready. The next night he came over again & i wanted 2 sooo we did. At 1st it hurt so bad & i started crying so he is like "hug me, just hold me please" so we just layed there, hugging...and finally i said "okay" and he started moving in & was great...and Im glad that I love him & He loves me--and i didn't waste my first time like alot of people do on here. And I think you should love the person you are giving yourself to, b/c I did--and it was great! I love you eddie!

My First Love

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